Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tessera Sells Micro-Optics Assets to FLIR

Business Wire: FLIR has acquired a significant portion of the assets of Tessera’s Micro-Optics business based in Charlotte, North Carolina, for approximately $15M.

"This transaction is one of the substantive structural changes we announced we would make in the second half of 2013 as we continue to refine our focus on our differentiated MEMS-related technologies," stated Thomas Lacey, interim CEO of Tessera Technologies, Inc. "I would like to thank the Micro-Optics employees for their contributions and efforts and believe this transaction is the right step forward for the future of that business."

In Q4 2012 Tessera announced that its Micro-Optics business was no longer part of its long-term strategy, and that it was exploring strategic alternatives for this business. In Q2 2013, the company actively pursued a sale of this business and started classifying the business as discontinued operations.

The Micro-Optics operation used to design and manufacture lens for smartphone cameras and, according to some sources, structured light projector diffraction optics for the old Kinect (other sources deny that). Reportedly, a part of the people at Charlotte facility has been laid off before the sale.

Micro-Optics Division Applications


  1. So what did FLIR get if not the people? A patent portfolio? Where there designers or people at other facilities?

  2. I thought that JDSU made the diffractive optics for the first gen Kinect.

    "For Kinect, JDSU supplies near-infrared laser diodes and coatings for the optical systems that make sense of a gamer’s movements, translating patterns in structured light into actions on the screen."


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