Friday, August 02, 2013

Interview with Sandor Barna, Aptina's VP

DP Review published an interview with Sandor Barna, Aptina's VP and GM of Consumer Camera Business Unit. Confirming the company's push into the high-end and, possibly, higher-margin sensors, Sandor emphasizes the importance of the large sensor size: "The analogy between film and optical format is pretty striking. In the film days, everyone was focused on the size of the film (35mm, 120, etc.) - grain vs. sensitivity (film speed) was a tradeoff decision you made each time you bought some film. In digital, optical format [sensor size] is analogous to film size - pixel count is like the minimum grain size, with a similar sensitivity trade-off. If we applied the old film logic to digital cameras, the optical format would be on the side of the box, not the number of megapixels."

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