Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Panasonic Invests in Pelican Imaging

PRNewswire: Pelican Imaging extends its recent Series C round with funding from Panasonic Corp. Pelican announced in May 2013 the first closing of its Series C funding with investors Qualcomm Ventures, Nokia Growth Partners, Globespan Capital, Granite Ventures, InterWest and IQT.
"Pelican's array camera technology is extremely innovative; they're pioneering the next generation of video and image capture," said Patrick Suel, Venture Partner at Panasonic. "We think there are broad applications for depth-enabled imaging in many industries."
Pelican Imaging CEO and President Chris Pickett noted, "We're extremely pleased to add Panasonic to our investor group, which includes other industry leaders like Qualcomm and Nokia. Our relationship with Panasonic will provide further market leverage to bring Pelican's solutions to multiple market segments." 
Pelican array camera provides depth information of the captured scene, allowing users to refocus after the fact, create 3D models, and perform "an unprecedented range of edits". At under 3mm thickness, Pelican's array camera is said to be about 50% of the thickness of the best-in-class camera modules shipping in mobile phones today (not clear what resolution is compared).


  1. I can't understand how they can claim decent depth perception having disparity so small?

  2. has some IP issues unless they want to be going wild...

  3. Well don't small birds do just fine with their depth perception and yet their eye disparity is around 1cm?

    1. despite the small separation between the eyes in birds, there is very little overlap in visual fields (between the two eyes). this reason this is so is because they need (or, rather, it's advantageous for them) to have a larger (360 degrees) coverage. depth perception in birds is actually not from stereoscopic disparity but from motion parallax.

      this question is totally unrelated to the question at hand...


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