Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Omnivision Uses ProPlus' NanoSpice Parallel SPICE Simulator

Marketwired: OmniVision has deployed ProPlus' NanoSpice for the simulation of analog part of its CMOS sensors. "High-precision analog design requires simulation accuracy, and NanoSpice delivered the sign-off accuracy along with impressive speedup for a host of our production designs," said T.J. Dai, director of analog and layout at OmniVision. "Additionally, ProPlus' support is exceptional, as is its simple and cost-effective licensing model."

NanoSpice is the high-capacity, high-performance parallel SPICE simulator. As a pure SPICE circuit simulator matching the industry's highest accuracy standard, NanoSpice handles process variations from 3-sigma to high-sigma Monte Carlo simulations with full matrix solving and without approximations in model calculations. NanoSpice's parallelization technology coupled with high-memory efficiency enables it to deliver 100-million plus element capacity for giga-scale designs, including post-layout CMOS image sensor arrays. "OmniVision has validated our vision to deliver the highest accuracy and performance with NanoSpice," adds Dr. Zhihong Liu, executive chairman of ProPlus Design Solutions. "This endorsement by the leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions where SPICE accuracy, speedup and capacity are critical is an important milestone."

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