Saturday, January 14, 2017

Altasens News

PRNewswire: AltaSens has adopted the Cadence Modus Test Solution for its mixed-signal next-generation 90nm image sensors. The Modus enabled AltaSens to deliver its first digital-on-top (DOT) image sensor much more efficiently. AltaSens design team was able to meet fault coverage goals with greater than 98 percent static coverage.

Nikkei: JVC Kenwood Corp will release a lens-interchangeable 4k GW-MD100 camera module targeted at various systems such as the aerial cameras of cranes and drones, observation cameras for academic use, surveying/monitoring cameras for roads, bridges, etc. It is equipped with a Super 35mm 13.5MP image sensor developed by AltaSens which is affiliated with JVC Kenwood.

Altasense published a demo of this sensor about 3 years ago, while the GW-MD100 is scheduled to be released in late March 2017:


  1. Strange coincidence that Cadence publishes the day that Alatasens bid adieu to its technical staff.

  2. Altasens closed down yesterday.

  3. Indeed, JVC Kenwood has shut down Altasens yesterday

  4. Vlad, we need an official RIP post for AltaSens. I also discovered it was shut down when an initial email to my friend Les Kozlowski bounced.


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