Thursday, January 26, 2017

Caeleste 2015-2016 Projects

Caeleste publishes a list of the projects it has accomplished in 2015-2016:

"In 2015 we started 4 design projects for large area image sensors; 2 of them are equipped with the Caeleste high performance SAR ADC. One of these realizations is the contribution to the BASTION project (an ECSEL-JU project); this design has innovative pixels designs, including HDR and an enhanced UV sensitivity by Front Side Thinning (FST).

We are also working on 2 ROIC’s (ReadOut Integrated Circuits) for Infrared Focal planes. The PADME device, developed for ESA, is tested at Caeleste and is now with the project partners for detector integration and final testing. The results of the ROIC behavior are very promising for the final FPA results.

In 2016 Caeleste (together with LFoundry and Airbus) was awarded a contract from ESA to develop a new space qualified CMOS Sensor entirely designed, manufactured and tested within Europe. A High Performance CMOS Sensor will be developed, aimed at demonstrating the capability to meet future ESA mission requirements (in terms of spectral sensitivity, SNR and environmental durability) for scientific space applications.

In another project Caeleste is making its first steps in the world of IoT (internet of Things) where Caeleste is developing dedicated low power devices for personal safety monitors based on solid-state and photonic techniques. These devices will replace the conventional film based monitors, used in hospitals and other radiation environments and will guarantee a faster, continuous and more widespread control of the risks of a radiation environment.

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