Monday, January 09, 2017

IBM 5 in 5

IBM 5 in 5 - five innovations that IBM predicts will change our lives in the next five years - include, at least, two ones based on the image sensor technology:

- Hyperimaging - In five years, new imaging devices using hyperimaging technology and AI will help us see broadly beyond the domain of visible light by combining multiple bands of the electromagnetic spectrum to reveal valuable insights or potential dangers that would otherwise be unknown or hidden from view. Most importantly, these devices will be portable, affordable and accessible, so superhero vision can be part of our everyday experiences.

- Medical labs “on a chip” - In 5 years, new medical labs on a chip will serve as nanotechnology health detectives – tracing invisible clues in our bodily fluids and letting us know immediately if we have reason to see a doctor. The goal is to shrink down to a single silicon chip all of the processes necessary to analyze a disease that would normally be carried out in a full-scale biochemistry lab. Most of the sensing elements in these chips are similar to the pixel designs and based on the image sensor technology.


  1. Funny how IBM chose a picture of the naturally occurring CO2 bubbles at Lake Abraham in the Canadian Rockies as the backdrop for their pollution sensors. This is one of the more pristine natural areas, somebody at IBM did not do their homework. Perhaps they should have asked Watson.

  2. Perhaps you are unaware of the "Keep Lying until Caught, 'cause people are stupid enough to believe it" marketing principle. ;-)


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