Friday, January 06, 2017

Mobileye CES 2017 Presentation

Mobileye publishes the CES keynote by its CTO and Chairman Amnon Shashua. The presentation itself starts at 13:15 time in the video. An interesting part about on-road negotiation challenges starts at ~41:00 time.

Update #2: The above video has been removed by Mobileye. It's still available here, not sure for how long. The only remaining one on Youtube is the short version with no introduction and Q&A session:

In terms of camera requirements, Mobileye setup is evolving quite rapidly:

Thanks to DS for the news!

Update #1: Mobileye publishes a shorter version of this video with no introduction and questions parts.

Update #3: Mobileye now publishes a Q&A session in a separate video:

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  1. In his last statement in the video, does Amnon clearly say that ToF image sensor or something like that will not be needed for cars in the future?


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