Tuesday, January 24, 2017

imec Introduces RGB-NIR Sensor

imec is to introduce a new image sensor with integrated RGB and narrow-band NIR filters. Imec’s RGB-NIR multispectral platform demonstrates the possibility to integrate together standard RGB color filters, NIR-cut filter, NIR narrow band-pass filters and on-chip microlenses, down to small pixels as small as 5µm today. The NIR band-pass filter and design pattern implementation can be tuned to match requirements of a specific application case, e.g. the wavelength of a particular laser or LED light.

An affordable, high resolution and high speed solution for integrating true RGB color combined with narrow-band NIR detection was essential to develop for future applications that need to detect or track near infra-red signals that should not be visible to human eyes” explains Andy Lambrechts, program manager for imec’s integrated imaging activities. “This capability to integrate a color view with one or several near-infrared narrow bands will be a key enabler for next-generation 3D, virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR) imaging platforms. As well as in machine vision, medical, automotive and security surveillance applications.


  1. That's a 2x2 RGBIR pattern. It's impossible to get good resolution with that. OV and Sony have moved to a 4x4 pattern for that purpose.

  2. Is it ? Our company can prove otherwise, demonstrating 80% resolution, on a positive side - color aliasing is not an issue with 2x2 sensors.


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