Thursday, January 05, 2017

CEVA Deep Learning Processor Licensed for Mobile and ADAS Applications

PRNewswire: CEVA announces that Altek, a leading Taiwanese imaging systems provider, has licensed CEVA's imaging and vision DSP to add imaging and deep learning capabilities to its imaging solutions and dual camera technologies targeting smartphones, ADAS, AR/VR, drones and other smart camera devices. Altek and its customers will be able to utilize the open, programmable vision DSP to deploy convolutional neural networks (CNN) for deep learning tasks tailored to specific applications or use cases, enabling true product differentiation.

PRNewswire: CEVA announces that ON Semiconductor has licensed CEVA's imaging and vision platform for its ADAS product lines.

"The automotive industry requires cost- and power-efficient vision-based ADAS solutions to address the growing end-customer demand and safety regulations across all tiers of the automotive industry," said Ross Jatou, VP and GM of the Automotive Solutions Division of ON Semiconductor. "CEVA's industry-leading vision processing IP provides us with a comprehensive solution that enables us to integrate a host of innovative and intelligent system features into our ADAS product offerings."

PRNewswire: Rockchip presents three comparison videos based on RV1108 visual processing platform with 600MHz CEVA XM4 visual processor:

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