Monday, January 30, 2017

ST Reports 2016 Results

SeekingAlpha publishes ST 2016 earnings call transcript. Few quotes on its imaging business status:

"In our Imaging business 2016 was a year of success for our proprietary Time-of-Flight technology. Our FlightSense technology for ranging and autofocus applications is now being integrated in over 70 smartphones. This is all about growth.

In the second half of 2016 versus the second half of 2015, Imaging posted triple-digit growth.

A new core technology, which we developed and patented is FlightSense, our Time-of-Flight technology, enabling true distance measurement and targeting a wide range of application. We have been vocal about this technology for quite some time.

During 2016 the initial business for this technology was in smartphone. As Carlo Bozotti mentioned, we are seeing now a strong momentum globally. ST new Time-of-Flight sensor were present in 70 smartphones, including a new product in flagship phones, launched on the market during the second half of 2016.

The expansion we are enjoying with Asian customers is particularly remarkable. We are now working on our next generation of Time-of-Flight technology, featuring longer distance ranging, as well as multi-target and multi-zone ranging capabilities. This will improve the performance in current application areas as well as expanding its use well beyond smartphones.

ST CES 2017 presentation shows some of these smartphones:

ST Q4 2016 earnings presentation shows the directions to expand its FlightSense technology applications:

Meanwhile, the imaging business sales grow nicely YoY, but somewhat down QoQ:

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