Tuesday, January 31, 2017

imec Presents Multispectral TDI Sensor

imec presents a prototype of a multispectral TDI imager based on BSI CCD-in-CMOS technology. Due to its high sensitivity and high speed (up to 300kHz), the TDI imager targets high-end applications, such as remote sensing, life sciences and machine vision. The specialty imagers are offered through various business models, including full-custom design, prototype TDI sensors and evaluation cameras.

The prototype TDI sensors use a format with 4,096 columns and 256 stages per CCD array (or band). A version with one CCD array is available, as well as a 7-band version, allowing to add 7 spectral filters. The prototypes integrate CMOS drivers and readout circuitry.

This unique low-power TDI technology excels in speed and sensitivity. Also, the availability of multispectral filters allows to extract significantly more features of the moving scene than a traditional TDI solution,” says Jonathan Borremans, program manager at imec. “This makes the technology very attractive for high-end applications, such as remote sensing, medical imaging and life sciences, and industrial machine vision, where these characteristics are exploited to their maximum.

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  1. Hi, can anybody explain how they make these multispectral filters?


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