Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ON Semi Unveils 8MP Sub-Electron Noise EMCCD

BusinessWire: The new 8MP 4/3-inch KAE-08151 IT-EMCCD delivers the sub-electron noise floor for applications like high resolution microscopy and scientific imaging operating in lighting regimes from sub-lux to bright-light imaging. In addition, a new packaging option is available which incorporates a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) directly into the package design. This integrated cooler simplifies development of a cooled camera that optimizes the performance available from these devices.

The compelling combination of performance and flexibility provided by IT-EMCCD technology is providing significant benefits for low-light imaging across key industrial imaging applications,” stated Herb Erhardt, VP and General Manager, Industrial Solutions Division, Image Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor. “By expanding our product portfolio with a new resolution node and options that simplify the integration process for camera manufacturers, end customers will be presented with even more ways to leverage the advantages of this unique technology.

The KAE-08151 is sampling today in Monochrome and Bayer Color configurations in a CPGA-155 package, with samples incorporating an integrated TEC available in the first quarter of 2017.


  1. QE of 50% in combination with the phrase "for low-light imaging" sounds like a bad joke. TI itself has actively promoted EMCCD, with an emphasis on color, but in the end we closed this area. Apparently Kodak (ON Semi) are sitting turtles, which have not yet realized that doing the old sensors and sell them expensive futile.
    GSENSE400BSI - the best!!!

  2. Yes, instead of this false EMCCD, get a GSENSE-400BSI with 95% QE, 1.5 e- readout noise, 80ke- full well and 16 bits dynamic range !

    In 2016, how a company like ON Semi can do old 50% QE CCDs ! It's a toy ! Or maybe even toys will have soon Sony BSI CCDs

    1. A 1.5e CMOS image looks like a CCD with 7-8e. Besides the dark current of a CCD is much lower and uniform in general.

  3. Unfortunately GSENSE-400BSI works only rolling shutter mode.


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