Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Micron Reports Quarterly and Yearly Results

Yahoo: Micron reports relatively stable image sensor quarterly sales compared to the preceding quarter. The company’s gross margin on sales of Imaging products also remained stable compared to the previous quarter, reflecting a slight decrease in costs per part.

Seeking Alpha Micron's Earnings Call transcript has just one mention about imaging business:

Hans Mosesmann – Raymond James analyst:

On the sensor business it was flat and that’s unusually strong too in this environment, are you gaining share or is it that you’re not exposed to some of the markets where perhaps they’re seeing a lot more weakness then you saw.

Steven Appleton, CEO:

I think we did gain some share in the quarter but if you looked at some of the other forecasts and the competition, I think that’s indicative of what we’ll probably experience too. In other words I don’t think we’re going to escape the general economic decline and we would expect, and by the way its also the season of course is weaker, so we would expect for the what we call our Q2 or the calendar Q1 to be inline with what others are forecasting and it’ll be down for the quarter.

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  1. I think these guys have hit the bottom. Now, they must try and win some big biz - viz. Nokia, Samsung, etc. Reliance on Motorola will cost them dearly!


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