Image Sensor Industry

Slowly, this will replace the lists for the companies, genealogy, and ecosystem and include image sensor organizations involved in non-visible sensors. The existing lists will not be edited until everything on them has been transferred except that as the information on each line is entered in the new list, a link will be added.

The new list will also have links to the ISW product data pages and external links for additional information. The comments submitted to date, which have all been incorporated, will be removed.  New comments are welcome.

Each line starts with a company name with its history laid out in chronological sequence to the right. Only business relationships are shown - acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, spinoffs, bankruptcies, etc. Even though companies are often also defined by the flow of technology and people, one-line histories cannot do those complexities justice. These listings will like to online histories or the sensor documentation folders where information is available. Details readers submit in document form will be added to the folders. Corrections are also welcome.

Key to reading listings:

  • (dates, if known) - c means around, dates apply only to the image sensor business
  • < Enters the business
  • > Exits the business 
  • @ acquired by - traces only the route of the leftmost company
  • [Origin] - labs, universities, etc. that were the source of the business
  • $ Spinoff - became a separate company 
  • {Name change} - typical after a spinoff
  • # Name abandoned - often occurs in acquisition, may remain as brand


<(1970s)Texas Instruments>(2011) 


<(2002)NoblePeak[Bell Labs]@(2010)#IRLabs>(c2016)



  1. The genealogy data was painstakingly collected and curated. I sure hope that does not disappear! This is pretty much the only place where that information is preserved.

    1. Eric, Don't worry. The main point of the effort is to update and normalize the information and presentation. The new Documentation section also gives us a place to put more detailed historical information on the companies. This effort will also make the paths of people through the industry a little more visible. Maybe Vladimir will have to bring a genealogist on board to organize it all properly.


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