Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aptina Infringes on Accolade's Patent?

TopNews, AppleInsider: Accolade Systems filed a lawsuit to stop Apple from infringing its patent. In the filing in court, Accolade Systems has claimed that "Aptina Imaging and Micron are violating a patent for detecting a camera's sensor intensity saturation by producing three CMOS image sensors".

By using at least one of these sensors in the iPhone, Apple is responsible for contributing to the violation of the patent, Accolade says. An original version of the lawsuit obtained by AppleInsider had mentioned Apple only incidentally and didn't include it as a defendant, revealing that Accolade had originally been content to sue just Aptina and Micron before deciding Apple could be a target as well.

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  1. Idaho Business Review has some additional information about the lawsuit:


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