Monday, April 08, 2013

Altasens Unveils WDR Sensor with Companion WDR Processor

PR Newswire: AltaSens introduces two new products: the 1/3-inch 1080p60 AL30210C image sensor, and the ALWPU, a companion WDR processing unit. The chip set is said to provide up to 90dB DR at 60fps in WDR mode.

The WDR ASIC apparently comes from Stretch Inc. The 30 fps solution will be available September 2013 followed by a 60 fps module at the end of 2013.


  1. It's funny to see "digital gain to 72dB". By using 12-bit ADC, with 72dB gain you will always work the LSB! This company is not serious...

  2. What about the SNR=59dB? I've seen strange SNR values also in other commercial product specifications. Is the definition still SNR=sqrt(full well) or did it change??

    1. It's 59dB according to their definition. According commonly agreed physical definition, 12000e FWC gives maximum SNR of 40dB. Marcom guys don't need any diplomes on physics or electronics....

  3. Vladimir: Stretch is a back end partner according to the press release, the ASIC is made by Altasens. Not shown in the product page but they have it.

    Anonymous: They have quoted SNR as measured by broadcast camera makers methodology. At least they specify under what conditions the SNR is, unlike other companies that throw out an SNR figure!

  4. I can't believe they are still in business, I don't think anyone ever took their outlandish, unscientific claims seriously did they?


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