Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Measure Non-Linearity

Albert Theuwissen continues his excellent "How to Measure..." series of articles. The latest 3 articles talk about the non-linearity measurements. Starting from a general discussion of non-linearity effects, the series continues with INL measurements and testing it at different gain settings. The non-linearity is such a rich phenomenon that one can devote a lot of articles to it, such as image lag influencing non-linearity, difference in 3T and 4T pixel nonlinearity effects, dynamic and static pictures nonlinearity, nonlinearity in different types of global shutter pixels as compared with the regular rolling shutter ones, strong light/short exposure vs low light/long exposure non-linearity, and, probably, more. So, I think it has all the chances to be a very educating series, stay tuned.

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