Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nokia Growth Partners to Invest in Pelican Imaging

Bloomberg: Nokia Growth Partners plans to invest in Pelican Imaging seeking to win back customers from Apple and Android phones. Image quality is one of the top three reasons to buy or return a phone, and as Nokia phones are known for their cameras, it’s seen as a good leverage point, according to Nokia Growth Partners.

Array cameras "are on the cusp of being commercialized and Pelican does software for that," Bo Ilsoe, a partner at Nokia Growth Partners, said in a phone interview from California. "It’s very complicated to do this algorithmically and Pelican is one of the companies that has mastered this technology." Nokia Growth Partners has been tracking Pelican since soon after its founding in 2008, Ilsoe said. Pelican also counts Globespan Capital Partners, Granite Ventures, InterWest Partners and IQT among its private-equity investors.


  1. Isn't this almost the death knell for Pelican in the mobile market? Nokia isn't exactly a dominant vendor in high-end handsets anymore. The technology would have to be extremely compelling before other manufacturers use supplier partially owned by a competitor.

  2. There camera is too expensive. Nokia is the only company using cameras that cost more than 50 usd.

  3. Put it is the same category as the 41Mp camera. Technically impressive but totally uneconomical.

  4. By participating in Pelican, Nokia can avoid that its direct competitors will do. That is also a strategy ...

    1. That is good strategy for Nokia but how can pelican rely on Nokia. Their sales are not so well to say the least.

  5. The next new phone cadget coming again from Nokia?


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