Monday, April 15, 2013

Toyota ToF Imager at IS 2013

IMV Europe publishes a report from IS 2013 Conference in London, focusing on Toyota ToF imager presentation. Dr Cristiano Niclass of Toyota Central R&D Labs presented lidar ToF system capable to see the depth resolution of 15cm at 100m with laser power of just 21mW. The 10fps imager has a resolution of 202 x 96 pixels and is capable to work under a background illuminance of 70Klux and a sky illuminance of greater than 100Klux.

The new imager (also presented at ISSCC 2013) appears to be an evolution of the previous one described here:

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  1. It seems that they used Si-based SPAD, of which spectral response is limited to about 900nm of Near IR. 900nm IR is much more harmful than longer wavelength, such as 1500nm. Isn't there any issue of eye safety if they illuminate upto 100m away?


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