Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aptina Announces 1-inch 14MP/80fps Sensor

Business Wire: Aptina announces a 14MP image sensor for digital cameras, the AR1411HS, in the increasingly popular 1-inch format for mirrorless, bridge, high-end compact, and broadcast digital video cameras. The sensor is said to have attracted great interest from market-leading mirrorless camera makers, as an improved version of the 1-inch 10MP AR1011HS introduced in 2012.

The AR1411HS uses 2.86um DR-Pix pixel to improve image quality in both low-lit and brightly-lit scenes. The pixel DR is stated to be 86dB 79dB, the responsivity is 20.5 ke/lx*s. The frame rate is 80fps at full resolution for a 1.1 gigapixels/sec, 40% faster than its 10MP predecessor (the flyer states 60fps at 1/80s scan rate). The high-speed readout provides full 4K video at 60fps, in either the Quad HD (3840H x 2160V) or the wider Digital Cinema 4K format (4096H x 2160V), and 120fps in 1080p video mode, enabling slow-motion video capture without loss of resolution. This speed also gives the user the unique capability of grabbing full 14MP resolution still images without interrupting an oversampled 1080p HD video stream. The sensor power consumption is 1.1W at full resolution and speed.

"The AR1411HS image sensor delivers superior image quality and the ability to capture still shots and video very fast, in virtually any environment," said Sandor Barna, VP and GM of Aptina’s Consumer Camera business. "This 1-inch sensor effectively bridges the performance and price gap between the smaller 1/2.3-inch sensors commonly used in compact digital still cameras and the larger APS-C and full-frame sensors that are used in DSLR cameras. Based on the initial success we are seeing in high quality HD-video enabled mirrorless cameras and strong interest from several top camera companies that have sampled the image sensor, we believe the AR1411HS is a game-changer."

The AR1411HS sensor is in mass production now.

AR1411HS Key Readout Modes


  1. I don't know where you got an 86-dB dynamic range. The product page and data sheet say 79 dB.


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