Thursday, April 18, 2013

ESPROS Announces Production Readiness of its ToF Imagers

ESPROS Photonics' April newsletter announces production readiness of its 3D-TOF imagers epc600 and epc610. "With single shot measurements, the distance noise is less than 3 Millimeters, the range is 7 Meters on an object with just 0.75% remission and frame rates of more than 1,000 frames per second are possible! And all of this with very low power consumption in the milliwatt range and at very low cost," says ESPROS CEO Beat De Coi.

The data was "created with an epc600 Evaluation Kit. The kit is based on a simple camera design with only 2 illumination LEDs which are directly driven by the chip. It uses a basic industrial polycarbonate lens system with near field limit of approx. 50cm."

"These data clearly illustrate a strong argument: There is simply no other optical detector product available on today's markets to match this – let alone taking the high integration grade and the cost aspects into account", states the newsletter.


  1. Nice system! What is the illumination power used in producing such dataset please?

    1. The LEDs looks like Osram MIDLED (SFH4650?), so around 2x 60mW optical.

  2. From the datasheet:
    The design has to take in consideration that these LEDs are switched very fast (e.g. 10MHz) and with high power (<180mA). Suggested are high speed LEDs with short switching times e.g. Stanley DNK5306, Osram SFH4258, Vishay VMB2000.

  3. We use two Osram SFH4059 for this design.
    The chip can drive peak currents of 200mA.
    Duty cycle varies with the integration time but for most cases total average system consumption will stay below 100mA.


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