Saturday, April 06, 2013

Speed Marvel at NAB 2013

Tokyo, Japan-based FOR-A announces 4K 4096 x 2160 pixels, 900fps (!) video camera toward the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas Apr. 8-11, 2013. "FOR-A strives to stay ahead of the curve," said Hiro Tanoue, FOR-A Corporation of America’s President. "We’re proud to have been the first to introduce technology that offers the ability to record super slow motion images at full 4K resolution, and look forward to showcasing the FT-ONE to the NAB Show’s broad audience for the first time."

The new FT-ONE camera super-35mm format CMOS sensor provides global shutter, 11-stop DR, 12b output, and ISO640 base sensitivity. "Creating a high-speed 4K camera with the necessary capabilities required a new kind of sensor. Drawing on our expertise in high speed cameras, we devised a CMOS sensor equivalent in size to super 35mm. The FT1-CMOS is a sensor with outstanding sensitivity, responsiveness, resolution and transfer speed. It is a unique sensor for a revolutionary camera."

Sensor Size Comparison
FT-ONE 4K 900fps CMOS Sensor

The new sensor seems to be the fastest one appearing in the commercial products, in terms of pixel rate. The previous speed leaders Photron and Vision Research have slower speeds.


  1. Wow, huge data rate (7.96 GB/s)!
    What's the SSD write bandwidth?

  2. Vision does one better: 1000fps, 12 stop:


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