Thursday, April 11, 2013

OIS Blockbuster in Works?

SeekingAlpha: Hutchinson Technology is a manufacturer of hard drive arms that suspend above a spinning disk and allow accurate reading of the information on the drive. The company experiences a sales decline and prepares a new product which is supposed to save the company:

"There is a new product that has blockbuster potential which has emerged from development and is now being prepared for production. This author has confirmed that the new product is an optical image stabilization assembly. Using the same expertise that allows Hutch Tech to build an arm that hovers accurately above a hard drive, Hutch Tech is going to start producing camera lens assemblies for mobile and portable devices that will stabilize images through a combination of hardware mechanisms and software algorithms. Hutch Tech holds patents on this technology and, if they can produce these with the necessary affordability, reliability and performance, they could create a huge market."

Thanks to JE for the link!

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  1. "through a combination of hardware mechanisms and software algorithms"

    Gotta love the specifics of these financial fluff pieces. Considering that their share price is flirting with penny stock territory, I'm a little leery that this may be the harbinger of a pump & dump.


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