Wednesday, April 03, 2013

HTC "Ultrapixels" Made by ST

Chipworks reverse engineering team revealed that recently announced HTC Ultrapixels are in fact BSI pixels made by ST. The 4MP 2.0um pixel sensor is the first ST-manufactured BSI sensor that Chipworks has seen:

HTC-ST Ultrapixel Sensor


  1. Maybe the reason that HTC can not supply the market with this UltraPixel phone???

  2. That it was an ST sensor was also reported in this review:

    They also compare against the camera in the iphone 4s (sony?)

  3. I thought it is OV4688...

  4. Anyone know what the sensor in the Lumia 920 is? Unusual 8.7 MP size seems to be a custom design.

  5. A shortage of cameras meant HTC managed to introduce its latest HTC One phone in just three markets by the end of the first quarter instead of the planned 80.

    It seems bsi manufacturing is not that easy. Aptina tried to use tsmc but was rejected.

  6. I thought BSI is only needed for pixels smaller than 1.4um. Why would a 2um pixel need BSI?


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