Friday, April 19, 2013

Rambus CEO Optimistic about Binary Pixel Business

SeekingAlpha published Rambus earnings call transcript with the company's President & CEO Ron Black talking on their Binary Pixel status.

Ron Black:

Rambus Labs, our research team announced our binary pixel technology at Mobile World Congress which generated substantial interest from such industry publications as DPReview and Engadget not to mention many of our customers.

Our binary pixel image sensor in image processing architecture can dramatically improve the quality of photos and videos taken from app mobile devices in any lighting condition. Specifically the technology achieves single shot, high dynamic range and improved light sensitivity. Using the same form factor costs and system power of current and future mobile and consumer imagers, our technology can be easily adopted and is very cost effective. We are exploring a variety of monetization schemes based on the positive feedback from this technology, although these will likely be a 2014 event.

Hamed Khorsand - BWS Financial:

...what's the next milestone that we could expect from you guys on that front?

Ron Black:

Well, we continue to tune the architecture and we are fully engaged with a set of partners to take the evolution of what we've done and the test chip that we’ve produced and actually implement this in a high volume product in silicon. So it will take a little bit of time that's why I was managing expectations so that you will see it coming in 2014, but the demand and interest in the marketplace has been incredible.

At Mobile World Congress I attended some of the meetings and we've subsequently had many more, the fidelity, the image improvement and quality under low light conditions and the dynamic range, so you don't have the classical problem I have of fading out my family when I take the pictures of the sunset at the beach is incredible.

So we really think we've gotten something and I'm cautiously optimistic that we are going to have somebody come in as a partner and want to take this to market. We are also working very closely with the end consumers not just the technology providers because I think it’s completing that loop

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