Sunday, April 07, 2013

Omnivision Proposes Stacking of Front and Rear Cameras and Twin PD Layers

Omnivision's patent application US20130069188 "Dual-facing camera assembly" by Gang Chen, Ashish Shah, Duli Mao, Hsin-Chih Tai, and Howard Rhodes proposes bond front and rear cameras back to back in a single camera module:

Another patent application US20130075607 "Image sensors having stacked photodetector arrays" by Manoj Bikumandla and Dominic Massetti proposes Foveon-like 2-layer stacked sensor:

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  1. US 7539412 and US 7071567 are two more that show combined front and rear facing camera modules. Also, US 8339494 and US 20110181763 show front and back side illuminated image sensors, but on a single substrate. They're both pretty interesting.

    US 20100097514 is similar to US 20130075607, with stacked substrates illuminated from the same side.


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