Thursday, October 01, 2015

Cambridge Mechatronics Technology to Benefit from Mass OIS Adoption

SeekingAlpha predicts that Cambridge Mechatronics smart alloy OIS actuators (SMA) is set to benefit from mass adoption of OIS in smartphones. The main sign is that its manufacturing Cambridge Mechatronics with Hutchinson Technology have partnered with New Shicoh, China's largest producer of auto-focus camera actuators.

"This is significant because SMA technology is much cheaper to manufacture than its counterpart, VCM technology, and more importantly, it's much thinner. The best point of reference is the iPhone 6, which uses a VCM OIS actuator in the camera and has a large bump on the back of the phone. As SMA technology goes mainstream, the camera bump goes away, and HTCH is the sole manufacturer of that product.

There's no question about the demand for the product. In addition to the issue of thickness on the back camera, there's the issue of the front camera. Currently, there are no smartphones on the market with an OIS camera on the front because of the thickness. The selfie craze has consumers demanding better cameras on the front of the phone, and with SMA technology, that is finally possible.

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