Friday, October 09, 2015

Melexis ToF Sensor to Use Sony CIS Process

Melexis signs a licensing agreement with Sony to keep using Softkinetic technology in its automotive ToF sensors. Melexis has been Softkinetic licensee for a number of years for products such as the MLX75023, said to be the world’s first automotive ToF sensor in production.

Now, Melexis will collaborate with Sony to further expand this technology. The products derived from this collaboration will be fabricated at Sony’s world-class wafer fabrication facility in image sensor technology and support its offering in the area of gesture recognition.

Francoise Chombar, CEO Melexis, comments: “The combination of Sony's superior image sensor technology and our year-long automotive sensor know-how and experience provides an exciting new platform for enhancing the Time-of-Flight technology. This innovative technology could change dramatically the way drivers communicate with their vehicles. No more touch screens or knobs, but a simple gesture might suffice in the future.

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  1. I think that SONY CIS process can not bring any advantage to such devices where the dark current is not key problem and the pixel size is big! Besides SONY process is very expensive for such kind of low cost device, other low cost Fab should be more adequate for such device. Maybe they are interested by the possibility to cut in automotive market via Melexis??


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