Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Falcon Eye Camera Offers Color Night Vision with KClux CMOS Sensor

Tokyo, Japan-based Komamura Corp. offers a color night vision camera under Falcon Eye brand. The company's brochure and the FAQ offers quite a lot of info about the KClux image sensor in it:

"The Falcon Eye cameras do not work with IR illumination or an image intensifier unit as most night vision equipment does.

The Falcon Eye cameras are build with a new type of CMOS sensor and combined with the advanced electronics and image controlling software it has been possible to create this unique system with a light sensitivity way beyond what other night vision systems can deliver.

The proprietary KClux CMOS sensor and KCnoise 2D/3D noise reduction technologies are the secrets behind the revolutionary KC-2000 cameras.

High quality viewing, video recording and photo capturing during day and night with ISO 2,000,000. Can even record through dark tinted glass.

All parts 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in Japan including sensor, housing, and optics.

And then, Falcon Eye cameras have a dedicated Youtube channel with many video demos:

Thanks to BC for the info!


  1. Any comparison to SONY A7S?

  2. How can the spectral sensitivity be 390 - 700 nm? Surely it's got to be higher than 700nm..

  3. Wow that's a very nice camera goes down to extreme low lights

  4. looks like 224 performance, but the format is larger.

  5. Very nice detail, I would like to see a demo in starlight no moon conditions

  6. Thats pretty nice color image quality, I have seen colour low light cameras in the past and its quite hard to get the imagery to look decent in very low lux and retain color. Prehaps a CFA in front of a mono sensor with processing, Im Impressed


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