Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rambus Wins "Best Paper Award" for its Lensless Sensor Paper

Rambus paper "Ultra-miniature, computationally efficient diffractive visual-bar-position sensor" by Mehjabin Monjur, Leonidas Spinoulas, Patrick R. Gill and David G. Stork presented at SENSORCOMM 2015 in Italy, wins "Best Paper Award."

Computationally efficient algorithms then process this sensed information to yield an accurate estimate of the position of the bar. The optical grating is very small (120 μm diameter), has large angle of view (140◦), and extremely large depth of field (0.5 mm to infinity). The design of this sensor demonstrates the power of end-to-end optimization (optics and digital processing) for high accuracy and very low computational cost in a new class of ultra- miniature computational sensors.


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