Friday, October 30, 2015

ON Semi Business Shifts Tad More into Image Sensors

ON Semi publishes its Q3 2015 earnings report. One can see that the image sensor business takes incrementally larger fraction of the total:

The company management says: "Revenue for our Image Sensor Group was approximately $189 million, up approximately 9 percent over the second quarter. ...Demand remains strong for our image sensor solutions driven by the increased adoption of rearview cameras and ADAS Safety Systems. ... During the third quarter, we secured design wins for our VGA Image Sensor to support the 2018 United States mandate for Rear View Cameras.

...a leading customer in the action sports camera market launched three new cameras using our image sensors.

...In the security market, sales of our image sensors grew by more than 20% quarter over quarter. We also saw strength in other industrial sub-segments, such as in machine vision for our CMOS and CCD image sensors.

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