Monday, October 19, 2015

Heptagon Shows Some of its Products

Heptagon has updated its web site and now shows some of its products:

Heptagon ToF modules


  1. Looks like they got a little busy with their marketing materials after the Sony-SoftKinetic acquisition.

    1. In what form is SoftKinetic's DepthSense technology better than the Mesa technology acquired by Heptagon?

    2. The TOF equivalent of QE, size, cost.

    3. Hard to say how SK pixel and array compares to Mesa.
      Typically one notes that Swiss Ranger cams were much more expensive than SK based ToF cameras, but that could be the result of design decisions rather than inherent die costs of Mesa for example.

      I was never much impressed by Mesa performance over the years, given the price of the camera. Same goes with SK performance up till recently and then I think SK did some good miniaturization and resolution bumps.

  2. What is the functionality of this micromodule please?


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