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Workshop on CMOS Image Sensors for High Performance Applications

CNES, ESA, AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE, THALES ALENIA SPACE, SODERN co-sponsor the 4th Toulouse CMOS image sensors workshop “CMOS Image Sensors for high erformance applications,” to be held in Toulouse, France on November 18-19, 2015. The free of charge mandatory workshop registration is open on its web site. The program is quite large for a 2 day event:


The Status of ESA supported Visible and NIR/SWIR CMOS Image Sensor developments
N. Nelms, European Space Agency.

Space qualification of the CIS115, a 3 MPixel CMOS APS for the JANUS camera on Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer
M.Soman, E. Allanwood, A. Holland, M. Leese, J. Gow, K. Stefanov, Centre for Electronic Imaging, Open University.
H. Michaelis, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Planetary Research.

Highly integrated, backside illuminated CMOS image sensor for EnMAP VNIR camera
M. Mücke, C. Neumann, F. Gansmann, B. Sang, OHB System AG
H. Venus, A. Eckardt, R. Reulke, DLR Institute of Optical Sensor


CNES CMOS Roadmap and new results in CCD-on-CMOS Test Chip for TDI applications
C. Virmontois, A. Materne, CNES, B. Patin, Sophia Conseil

An Innovative Large Scale Linear CMOS Image Sensor Architecture
MY. Yeh, M. Huang, Jer Ling, National Space Organization(NSPO)

2nd Generation CMOS Charge Transfer TDI: Results on Proton Irradiation
F. Mayer, F. Barbier, J. Endicott, e2v semiconductors,
J. Rushton, K. Stefanov, Open University

Backside illuminated CMOS-TDI image sensor for space applications
N.Ben-Ari, O. Cohen, E. Ilan, S. Elkind, I. Nevo, R. Talmor, N. Shiloah, Y. Chaham, O. Cohen, G. Zohar and R. Dobromislin, SemiConductor Devices (SCD)

Time Delay Integration embedded CCD platform development
P.Boulenc, J. Robbelein, L. Haspeslagh, M. Rosmeulen, L. Wu, S. Terryn, V. Malandruccolo, J. Borremans, P. De Moor, IMEC


Low temperature measurements of a large-area, backthinned, and low-noise CMOS sensors
S.Johnson, J. Pratlong, A. Ibrahim, P. Jerram, P. Jorden, e2v technologies
S. Wang and M. Lehner, ASIAA

PERCIVAL: A Back Side Illuminated, Wafer Scale, Low Noise CMOS Image Sensor for the Detection of Low Energy X-Rays
I. Sedgwick on behalf of the PERCIVAL Collaboration (DESY, DLS, Elettra, PAL, RAL)

High Dynamic Range technics for SUPERCAM Remote Micro Imager
A. Toulemont, C. Virmontois, A. Bardoux, CNES

A 120dB dynamic range image sensor with single readout using in pixel HDR
J. Caranana, Pyxalis

QLog – Single Electron Detection Capable Logarithmic CMOS Pixel
Y. NI, New Imaging Technologies SA


Radiation results obtained from the CMOS sensor designed for FCI-VisDa detector
R. Simpson, N. Swift, J. Pratlong, A. Pike, P. Jerram, e2v.

Single Event Upset Sensitivity of D-Flip Flop in Infrared Image Sensors for Low Temperature Applications
L. Artola, G. Hubert, ONERA, O. Gilard, M. Boutillier, B. Baradat, CNES
S. Ducret, F. Perrier, N. Ricard, Sofradir, P. Garcia, G. Vignon, TRAD

Examination on long term variation of nonlinearity for GOCI CMOS image sensor
G. Kang, S. Shin, S. Yong, Korean Aerospace Research Institute
P. Coste, P. Luquet, Airbus Defence & Space


Integration of high-performance optical detection devices in a standard 0.35µm CMOS Process
W. Brockherde, Fraunhofer IMS

IMEC’s offering for space imagers
P. De Moor, IMEC

STMicroelectronics Imaging premium foundry offering for a strong European Imaging industry
C. Gachon, T. Lachaud, STMicroelectronics


Digital Focal Plane arrays for Enhanced Cooled Infrared Detectors Performances
G.Decaens, V. Badet, L. Baud, F. Advent, P. Mejean, A. Maltere, S. Aufranc, G. Chalet, R. Cotte, S. Parola, N. Ricard, SOFRADIR

Continuous improvements of ROIC design for space infrared applications
N.Ricard, P. Maillart, G. Decaens, L. Baud, F. Advent, F. Salvetti, A. Maltere, S. Aufranc, SOFRADIR

NIRCA cryogenic test results for focal plane array detectors
P.Påhlsson, D. Meier, H. K. Otnes Berge, P. Øya, D. Steenari, A. Olsen, A. Hasanbegovic, M. A. Altan, B. Najafiuchevler, J. Talebi, S. Azman, C. Gheorghe, T. M. Johansen, J. Ackermann, G. Mæhlum, Integrated Detector Electronics AS

Image Signal Processor for bolometers IR detectors
F. Bonnaire, P. Robert, T.Rahaga, ULIS


The Pinned Photodiode
by Nobukazu Teranishi (University of Hyogo / Shizuoka University)
Winner of the 2013 J.J. Ebers Award, and 2013 Yamazaki-Teiichi Prize in the field of semiconductors and semiconductor devices for the Development of Image Sensors with Pinned Photodiode


Creapyx: An innovative pixel evaluation platform
J. Michelot, PYXALIS

Dark Current Blooming in Pinned Photodiode CMOS Image Sensors
J.-M. Belloir, ISAE, CNES, CEA, J.-B. Lincelles, ISAE, ADS, A. Pelamatti, CNES, ADS
V. Goiffon, P. Magnan, ISAE, C. Virmontois, O. Gilard, CNES, P. Paillet, CEA DAM

On the CMOS Pixel Based on the Deep Trapping Gate Principle: Prospects and Challenges
N.T. Fourches, CEA


UV-White-Yellow Bayer-like pattern imager
B.Dierickx, Q.Yao, J.Zhu, P.Coppejans, R.Zhang, G.Cai, P.Gao, B.Luyssaert, B.Spinnewyn, Caeleste

Design and integration of planar lenses dedicated to Near Infrared detection (1,064 µm) for CMOS image sensors
T.Lopez, S. Massenot, M. Estribeau, P. Magnan, Institut Superieur de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE-SUPAERO) JL. Pelouard, Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures (LPN-CNRS)

Integrated diffractive optics for pixel performance enhancement
V. Rochus, S. Guerrieri, J. Van Olmen, V. Paraschiv, I. De Wolf, P. De Moor and X. Rottenberg, IMEC

Low dark current backside illuminated CMOS image sensors for high performance applications
S.Lavizzari, S. Guerrieri, C. Kerner and L. Haspeslagh, IMEC

Exploration of high density interconnect 3D stacking for SPAD arrays
V. Lalucaa, P. Martin-Gonthier, S. Rolando, F. Raymundo, P. Magnan, Institut Superieur de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE-SUPAERO)

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  1. Why does this workshop clash with Active Imaging workshop at ISL Saint Louis? It is quite strange that the two french institutes/organizations don't coordinates on the dates!!!


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