Saturday, October 17, 2015

Samsung Proposes Bayer-Free Color Sensor

Samsung patent application US20150286059 "Image sensor having improved light utilization efficiency" by Seokho Yun, Sunghyun Nam, Sookyoung Roh, Changgyun Shin, and Hyungue Hong proposes a color-splitting optics integrated into each pixel:

Another Samsung patent application US20150286060 "Color separation device and image sensor including the color separation device" by Sookyoung Roh, Sunghyun Nam, and Changgyun Shin proposes to use refraction factor gradients to split the light into colors:


  1. If I recall well, also Nikon has done a similar thing with a prism on top of the pixels. Unfortunately I do not have Nikon's patent number at hand.

    1. I don't know about Nikon, but Panasonic have published such a setup back at 2013.

  2. Also, in HP scanner,they use prism to do color separation on CCD.

  3. Is this different from Foveon in that they use an optical technique rather than a silicon penetration technique? (I am not a device physicist).


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