Friday, October 09, 2015

ON Semi, GEO Semi, and GainSpan to Collaborate on IoT

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor is collaborating with GainSpan and GEO Semiconductor to rapidly respond to the growing potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Through this partnership, customers will benefit from the leadership each company has shown in its respective field: ON Semiconductor’s advanced and expansive portfolio of image sensors, GEO’s highly cost-effective and power efficient image signal processing technology, and GainSpan’s expertise in low power Wi-Fi solutions.

A highly optimized IoT video reference design based on AR0330 image sensor is the trio’s first collaboration. The GS-AR0330-Based Full HD Video, available via GainSpan and its distributors, targets smart 1080p video streaming over Wi-Fi.


  1. Yeah, I was just thinking this morning how much I wanted an imager in my coffee machine, and have it connected to the internet.

  2. It has been successfully done before:


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