Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Almalence Interview

Huffington Post publishes an interview with Almalence CEO Eugene Panich. His response on the question "Where are mobile phone cameras headed in the next five years?"

These are a handful of ideas that may be tested in the coming years:
  • Array cameras, from many small cameras placed in a small array, to an array of big (normal mobile size) cameras occupying large part of phone.
  • Mobile phones with four cameras placed at considerable distances (like in the corners) to achieve good 3D performance
  • Pop-up and other mechanically transforming cameras implementing either optical zoom feature or accommodating large sensors
  • Additional wide-angle, 180 or even 360 degree cameras
  • Attachable camera modules (making the device bigger but allowing better imaging)


  1. this is the company behind zomdie PhotoAcute ? are they going to continue develop it ?

  2. - Pelican Imaging already proved that many small cameras is a bad idea.

    - Four cameras in the corners would produce good 3D performance, but it would make the occlusion problem very bad. How would this work for anything even remotely tending towards macro?

    - I've always loved pop-up books, but they get damaged so easily! Good luck with getting pop-up cameras to survive the drop and 1m tumble tests!

    - Wide angle maybe (as LG has already shown with a 1/4-inch format 120° secondary camera), but the TTL for 180° FOV will create the most horrendous camera bump we've ever seen. It will also add a lot of cost for something that most people won't use. It might be achieved using multiple narrower FOV cameras pointing in different directions and stitched, but this would add even more cost for a rarely used feature.

    - I might buy an attachable camera module, but few other people would. The non-success on DxO's ONE, and Sony's DSC-QX cameras show this is not a rich vein. Attach rates for these kind of add-on are always extremely low, and those that do buy then stop carrying them around after the honeymoon period wears off after a couple of months.

  3. putting camera sensors in each corner? lol. How you gonna hold the phone and not occlude the cameras. Dumb idea. Good luck with calibration too.


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