Saturday, June 25, 2016

Samsung Proposes Different Readout Order to Reduce Column-to-Column ADC Coupling

Samsung Patent application US20160173800 "Image sensor for performing coupling-free readout, and device having the same" by Kyoung Min Koh, Ju Ha Kim, and Jae Cheol Yun talks about the coupling between the column-parallel ADCs:

"A coupling effect is generated between adjacent analog-to-digital converters by parasitic capacitance that is present between the adjacent analog-to-digital converters. In particular, the coupling effect which is increased as a difference between pixels signals becomes large increases non-linearity of each of analog-to-digital converters. The non-linearity is one of sources of errors of an analog-to-digital converter."

Samsung team proposes to change the pixel readout order so that the pixels with similar values read simultaneously:


  1. Interesting idea!
    But shutter-control metal-wirings become much complicated.. I hope the solution for shutter control also written in the patent.

  2. Can someone make switching between R,G,B filter at every pixel at CFA?

  3. Wasn't VLSI Vision doing this with their passive CMOS pixels in the 90's?


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