Friday, June 10, 2016

Lenovo Unveils First Tango-Enabled Smartphone

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Tango-enabled smartphone features PMD-Infineon ToF Sensor. PMD put together a nice Youtube playlist with the product videos.

Through the Tango-enabled PHAB2 Pro, we are opening a complete new era of mobile applications”, says Hua Zhang, VP, Lenovo Android and Chrome Computing Business Group.

This is just the beginning of a journey and we are really proud to contributing our unique technology to Project Tango and this great new Lenovo product. We believe that with the miniaturization of depth sensing for mobile device integration, while staying extremely robust and efficient, we have broken a barrier, which will make our 3D ToF cameras as common as conventional cameras in the next years,” says Bernd Buxbaum, CEO of pmd.

It was a long journey, and this remarkable success became possible due to the very intense cooperation between pmd and Infineon technically as well as businesswise,” adds Jochen Penne, Director Business Development at pmd.

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