Friday, June 03, 2016

Picture Taking Has No Slow Down

KPCB Internet Trends presentation shows that although the picture taking devices growth is slowing (image sensors, cameras, smartphones), the images usage keeps growing exponentially:


  1. Three billion images per day? Really?

  2. This is "shared" not captured. Distribution paradigm at play. In 2006 I did this exercise for a camera customer and at that time there were 12B images captured per year by devices.

  3. 3B per day seems to be consistent with individual data reported by FB etc.
    This is UPLOADED (according to reports - ask Google Search). Do people upload a lot of copies of the same picture? Probably not.
    There are several billion camera phones out there, so 3B per day, while an incredible number, actually seems plausible. (35,000 per second!)
    I feel the need to upload a photo du jour right now.


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