Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Assorted News

1. Open source Sensors Journal publishes a paper on 75ps gated pixel "A 75-ps Gated CMOS Image Sensor with Low Parasitic Light Sensitivity" by Fan Zhang and Hanben Niu, Shenzhen University, China. Their pixel is mostly circuit-based:

2. Another paper "Quantum Random Number Generation Using a Quanta Image Sensor" by Emna Amri, Yacine Felk, Damien Stucki, Jiaju Ma, and Eric R. Fossum from ID Quantique, Switzerland and Dartmouth College, USA, presents an improvement on the image sensor based random number generators:

3. Guillaume Renault publishes a Youtube video presentation of Invisage's Quantum Film sensor.


  1. What is the purpose of this poor presentation from this French university guy, promoting the Quantum film technology? I'm not sure that he understands all what he said in his presentation... LoL

    1. Thank you for sharing this qualified insight with the world...

    2. I thought it was a pretty good presentation actually, very intellectual. great work !

    3. Why is it poor?

    4. It was a great presentation, The Quantum Film Sensor is Very good.

    5. It is a Fantastic presentation, right on point - perhaps One of the best ones I've seen


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