Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rumor: Sony Experimenting with Black Silicon

SonyAlphaRumors says it got this rumor from the known source:

"Sony is currently prototypeing Image Sensors based on SiOnyx or better known as “black silicon”. Basically it uses a porous silicon etch on the front side to reduce reflectance. However, while this works well in reducing the visible light reflectance of bare silicon wafers with no backside layers or materials from 46 % to a few %. For image sensors a sensitivity invrease of 30% is estimated."


  1. Black Silicon has some maturing to do, too many issues with the sensor at this point, it is not ready for prime time.

    Does anyone know if the Black Silicon Sionyx detector can image above 1200 Nm?

  2. I estimate a few years of tweaks and improvements

  3. is sionyx making only sensors or finished hand held cameras from the black silicon


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