Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SPAD Imager Presentation

The 10th International Meeting on Front-End Electronics (FEE 2016) publishes "Single-Photon Imager" presentation by Edoardo Charbon, TU Delft. Few slides out of the deck of 92:


  1. Whaoou 50Mu of SPAD sensor!
    Which product is it?

  2. That is a big number. Are there so many mature applications to drive that volume?

  3. Some of the sales are from ST's SPAD TOF depth sensor.

    At the time FD was being discussed, I remember suspecting it would be of use. Likewise SOI has been used in fast PDs/comms to remove substrate diffusion related jitter (ISI etc), so I expect its use here is to improve timing jitter by removal of that long timing tail.

    Very nice...

  4. Yeah, majority is linked to the ToF sales. But my question was on the ToF applications driving such a volume. What are those? I thought ToF was still not a mass product.

  5. This technology has been developped mainly for proximity sensors, also used as a ranger for LDAF application

  6. SPADs (SiPMs/MPPC) can be used in the medical industry, for example http://scipp.ucsc.edu/pCT/, there's lots of other applications in various forms from ground based (CERN) to space based detectors (Fermi Gamma-ray Telescope and others) but not sure how all of that adds up to 50M in sales.


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