Monday, June 20, 2016

SeekThermal Announces Low-Cost QVGA Thermal Camera

PRNewswire: Seek Thermal announces the company's line of high performance, affordable, infrared thermal cameras for experts and contractors in industrial and commercial building trades. The CompactPRO is said to be the first thermal imaging camera built for a smartphone to ever feature 76,800 measurement pixels, a thermal sensor array of 320x240, and an unprecedented price point under $500. The camera has less than 70mK sensitivity.


  1. GREAT DEAL for a 320x240 thermal, when will we see 1024x768 thermal resolution units come down in price to around $1000 ?

  2. For $500, im getting one, are they available, a VGA version would be better for say $1000

  3. well there is the array resolution, but then there is also the lens quality and size.
    but yes, the price is amazing for QVGA sensor.
    i think this means we'll see thermal scopes and binos come down in price ?


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