Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Apple iPhone X Official Details

Mashable: Apple officially unveils its iPhone X featuring "True Depth Camera System" based on structured light and Face ID unlock. A double tap on the side button is necessary to activate Face ID system. The chances for unlocking for a wrong face are said to be 1:1,000,000:


  1. non-Sony rear camera sensor? What's with "deeper pixels"?

    1. think of a pixel as a well. the image sensor collects photons and convert them into electrons that fill the pixels until they are full. deeper pixels should then mean they can store more electrons. remember, the electrons were converted from photons - which is light - so i guess deeper pixels means the sensor lets in more light per pixel before the image is processed.

    2. Albert Theuwissen - Harvest ImagingSeptember 16, 2017 at 3:10 PM

      Launch a new wording like "deep pixel". Nobody knows what it means, but everyone talks about it. They invented a word for this method of communicating : MARKETING.

  2. Folks with plastic surgery need to update their profile after each surgery?
    I would like to see data on genetically identical twins.

  3. Is this face ID using OV2311? Congratulations to OVT team on getting their global shutter into mainstream.

  4. I am somewhat unimpressed with the whole Face ID implementation. Seems like a ton of tech work simply to yield an improvement to 2D face recognition. And certainly animated emoji's, well watching Craig F. make silly faces on stage like an 8 year old... a low moment for Apple. Steve would not approve. At all. To have to look at the phone at a certain angle just doesn't work for me, and I wonder how much energy is used per Face ID as compared to a Touch ID.

    This use of depth sensing leaves me underwhelmed. I thought Apple would do much, much more with this.


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