Thursday, September 21, 2017

Espros Presents its Pulsed ToF Solution

Espros CEO Beat De Coi presents the first results of his company pulsed ToF chip (pToF) at AutoSens 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. Performance of the sensors include a QE of 70% at 905nm, a sensitivity trigger level as low as 20 e- for object detection, 250MHz CCD sampling and interpolation algorithms to reach centimeter accuracy. The sensors will be operating in full sunlight without disturbance and function under all weather conditions. The presentation is available for download at Espros site.

Beat De Coi says: «This new generation of pulsed time-of-flight sensors will show a performance that will boost autonomous driving effort. I have been working on time-of-flight technology since 30 years and I am extremely proud that we reached this level with conventional silicon.»

Few slides from the presentation explaining Espros new chip operation:


  1. Huge pixel size at 45um. Going to be a large die size, lower yield, smaller array dimensions, higher cost. But the QE is really good.

  2. Nice! However, there is some confusion about pixel pitch. On one slide it is 45um and it becomes 7.5um further down the slides. Which one is the right one?


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