Tuesday, September 19, 2017

OmniVision Announces Automotive Reference Design

PRNewswire: OmniVision announces an automotive reference design system (ARDS) that allows automotive imaging-system and software developers to mix and match image sensors, ISPs and long-distance serializer modules.

The imaging-system industry is anticipating significant growth in ADAS, including surround-view and rear-view camera systems. NCAP mandates all new vehicles in the U.S. to be equipped with rear-view cameras by 2018. Surround-view systems (SVS) are also expected to become an even more popular feature for the luxury-vehicle segment within the same timeframe. SVSs typically require at least four cameras to provide a 360-degree view.

OmniVision's ARDS demo kits feature OmniVision's 1080p60 OV2775 image sensor, optional OV495 ISP and serializer camera module. The OV2775 is built on 2.8um OmniBSI-2 Deep Well pixel with a 16-bit linear output from a single exposure.


  1. It's rare to see a company so blatant in copying, 6 months ago:


    Even the press photo is almost identical and acronym similar. Shame on OV

    1. Automotive OEM and Tier1 customer require certain reference designs and form-factors to enhance their development and time to market. Usually reference modules and other hardware looks very similar across the industry. It is well known that ONSemi and OVT are clearly leading the automotive market. Therefore, talking to same customer can lead to similarities in results eventually.

    2. Probably true but to press release something their competition did a long time back with almost exact language, same press image, similar acronym and acting as if its a new market concept is dishonest IMO

  2. it is a design from 3 years ago, OV marketing seems response very slow.


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