Friday, September 29, 2017

Toyota Autonomous Platform 2.1 Tests Different LiDARs

Toyota announces an autonomous driving car Platform 2.1 densely packed with cameras and LiDARs from different manufacturers - I was able to count 16 of them:

"Platform 2.1 also expands TRI's portfolio of suppliers, incorporating a new high-fidelity LIDAR system provided by Luminar. This new LIDAR provides a longer sensing range, a much denser point cloud to better detect positions of three-dimensional objects, and a field of view that is the first to be dynamically configurable, which means that measurement points can be concentrated where sensing is needed most. The new LIDAR is married to the existing sensing system for 360-degree coverage. TRI expects to source additional suppliers as disruptive technology becomes available in the future."

Toyota video explains the new Platform 2.1 features:

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