Friday, September 15, 2017

iPhone X 3D Camera Cost Estimated at 6% of BOM

GSMArena, MyFixGuide quote Chinese site estimating Apple iPhone X 3D camera components cost at $25 out of the whole BOM of $412.75:


  1. Some basic translation.

    It doesn't really say 3D Camera, it says DOE, VCSEL, Lens, Gyro, Module.

    Is it $25? If it consist of IR camera ($5), prox + flood illumination ($3) + AMS ($0.5) + Front CIS ($10) + Dot projector ($3) ?? 100% random guesses :)

  2. Approximately $25 for the Camera isn't out of line and depends upon many factors. This is why I'd be very happy to pay a lot more for the Phone's camera than we currently do, imagine buying a Compact Camera for $100 and expecting decent photos.

    Samsung makes it's own cameras and previously ISW has reported costs between $25 and $30: also see: .

    Apple doesn't make it's own cameras and the iPhone 7 was said to cost $36 out of a $220 BOM, for a Phone selling at $649; this is a much cheaper camera on a Phone selling for more than double the iPhone 7's price.

    When you're paying that much a nice screen is great but a decent camera doesn't hurt either - never heard anyone complain about 'Call Quality' and blame the Chipset.

    1. $25 is just for the front 3D sensing components. The dual rear camera cost is not included.

    2. MyFixGuide said in the article the cost of camera is 33 dollars.

    3. They say "on camera is 33 dollars." I'm not sure what it means, probably a typo there.


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