Tuesday, September 12, 2017

More Details on iPhone X 3D Camera

From Apple iPhone X official video:


  1. Any information on InfraRed Camera specifications: Resolution? Rolling or Global Shutter? AF support? Supplier: OVT? STMicro?

  2. Will have to wait for a release before can take apart, but rumors say it is 1.4MP 2.8u global shutter with STM custom sensor.

  3. must be ST's, wonder why using structure light.

  4. The IR cam is actually based on Primesense structured light depth sensor. I believe it would be a global shutter, but I have to admit I forgot the specs of the sensor other than I recall the pixels were huge and the sensor size was about 1MPixel. AF would be provided by the depth algorithm to optimize for SNR.

    I think the original Primesense sensor was Aptina, definitely not ST, but maybe they switched.
    Face ID would most definitely not require 1.4MP ... I would think it's less. Of course such a large sensor could be binned down, too.

    Why use structured light? Because of Primesense acquisition, of course!


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